Why Choose MyAligners for Straighten Teeth without Braces?

  • Our Straighten Teeth invisible aligners pack won’t affect your face value rather it contributes to creating the confident smile
  • We deliver the results through the state of the art made invisible crystal braces
  • Our invisible aligners are really friendly in wearing and unlatching
  • Our treatment duration is lesser than our competitors’ though we promise the results too
  • MyAligners treatment saves time and cost of being visiting orthodontists in person


Impression Creation

Impression Creation

First of all, we need to have a clear view or impression of your current crooked, twisted, gapped, or crowded teeth. For it, we do send you the impression material kit by post.

3d Treatment Preview Visualization

At this step, we send you back your customized treatment preview in 3d format to visualize how your treatment proceeds and what will be the final outcome of your treatment. You can visualize digitally difference between present situation of your teeth and final outlook of your teeth after treatment.


Here You Go for Your Happy Days

Well, this is the final step where we will send you the 12-24 sets of invisible aligners for the whole program.Once you start your treatment by pasting aligners around your jaw, you will start noticing the difference.

MyAligners’ Invisible Aligners
Cost Vs Traditional Braces Cost

  • A lot cheaper than traditional metal braces as lower as just €999 as compared to around €6000
  • It includes complete treatment cost as Impression Material kit cost, Video session with impression specialist, Digital Treatment Plan in 3D format, 12-24 sets of invisible aligners,Virtual dentist supervision throughout treatment and set of retainers.
  • Our teeth straightening cost saves your frequent visits to clinics, hence you save extra money and time
  • It doesn’t demand any hidden charges, rather it includes shipment and admin cost as well
  • Our cost beats any available set price in the market for the crooked teeth treatment because of our own production unit and in house dentists


Great Experience from start to completion of treatment.

It was an amazing experience of straightening of my teeth with MyAligners team. The team was very professional and communicative since the moment I inquired about clear braces. Now, I am wearing retainers after completion of treatment and achieved desired results. They delivered what they promised me at the start of the treatment. (more…)


Cost Effective and Professional Team

Invisible Aligners of MyAligners were really great and cost effective. I had spaced and twisted teeth and before start of treatment, I researched a lot about teeth straightening options as treatment was very costly. I visited an orthodontist as well who quoted me €6500 for metal braces. (more…)

Robert Aly

Fantastic Company, Great Customer Service and It really worked

Really Amazing Results. Don’t wait like I did, wondering if it will work. It worked!
My teeth were pretty bad and now within 6 months they are too good.The team always replied fast to my queries and concerns and answered very technically satisfying my concerns. In first few days, you may have strange feeling having something extra in your mouth but within couple of days you get used to wearing of aligners and brushing of teeth after eating. (more…)

Alex Joy

How Aligners Work?

MyAligners goes one step ahead to create a real catching and natural smile onto your lovely face by using its latest invisible braces treatment. We are the specialist in twisting your crooked teeth into the straighten teeth without braces. We have been practicing state of the art techniques in our lab to turn your tough days into happy days at very affordable teeth straightening cost.

Our expert orthodontists have created the soft and quick solutions by transforming a terrible metal wires treatment with an unnoticeable latest treatment. Our treatment plan saves your frequent visits to dentists. This offered system has also efficiently been designed to bring and produce the results within the said time that is shorter and easier in comparison with all available treatments in the market. You start growing and producing your confident smile as normal from the first step of our treatment. We use crystal braces that are almost invisible by others, less costly, less time taking for the whole treatment, and most importantly very easy in wearing and unlatching.



How does MyAligners invisible aligner work?

Our state of the art designed, manufactured, and almost invisible aligner plays an actual role to adjust or move the tooth back to the place in a jaw where it should have been actually to create a confident smile. Once you start using your aligner according to the stage of the teeth for whom it was designed, it produces the results within the said time by pressing the teeth.

Can I eat and drink while having an aligner around my teeth?

No, you cannot, an aligner has been designed as a removable treatment tool. So, you remove it down every time easily when you go to eat or drink anything. However, we advise you strictly to use the aligner and let it be pasted around your jaw for about 20 to 22 hours in a day to get the desired results timely.

How much does MyAligners whole treatment cost?

Looking at the current situation of the market, MyAligners has designed our whole program for as little as €999 and it normally takes 6 to 12 months. Treatment Time depends and varies from case to case. So, ask your specialist after impression creation stage that how much time it will take.

Can I be entitled to have my money back if I am not satisfied?

Yes, of course, you can, though you need to let us know the latest by the second step of Treatment Preview 3D visualization. We will only deduct €75 as impression material kit charges, Treatment Preview and admin charges that include our shipment cost as well, and we will happily refund your rest of the amount through the same way it was made to us.

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