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MyAligners was begun to serve the teeth patients in every regard, we focus on quality always though, looking at the current situation of the pandemic, we have decided to facilitate our target people at unrivaled cheapest teeth straightening cost which can be compared with any invisible aligners’ or typical metal braces treatment. You are not going to get such an unmatchable and dramatic result-oriented treatment as lower as in just €999 if you pay all upfront. You may also pay through 6 easy monthly installments of €150 each along with a little upfront cost, which will make €1050 altogether.

MyAligners’ Invisible
Aligners Cost Vs Traditional Braces Cost

There is no comparison at all in between the invisible and traditional braces cost. Invisible aligners are a lot cheaper than the typical metal braces. At MyAligners, we have traveled beyond and beat all the world’s set prices to make our invisible braces cheapest in just €999. Our following diagram will clear and convince you more effectively how MyAligners helps its patients in offering invisible braces cheapest of all.


How much does MyAligners’ whole treatment cost?

Looking at the current situation of the market, MyAligners has designed its whole program for as little as €999. You may also pay through 6 easy monthly installments of €150 each along with a little upfront cost, which will make €1050 altogether. It normally takes 6 to 12 months. Still, it depends and varies from case to case. So, ask your orthodontist at the time of impression creation stage that how much will you be charged.

Can I be entitled to have my money back if I am not satisfied?

Yes, of course, you can, though you need to let us know the latest by the second step of Treatment Preview 3D visualization. We will only deduct €75 as impression material kit charges, Treatment Preview and admin charges that include our shipment cost as well, and we will happily refund your rest of the amount through the same way it was made to us.

What if during treatment I want to quit the treatment? Would I be returned my money to me?

We don’t refund money during the treatment as we already charge a very reasonable amount comparatively. Though at the second stage of 3d visualization you are entitled to quit the program and have your all money returned apart from impression kit, shipment & admin cost. See our terms & conditions page for further details on refund policy, please.

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