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The term privacy policy refers to attaining the personal or general information of the website users, services acquirers, and visitors by website owners, and against this information gathering, receiving, the guarantee and assurance are given to whom the information is taken from. The information purposes, the duration for holding information, and the ways that are used to attain information including cookies and innovative ways like all are explained and updated. So, it is highly recommended that the privacy policy page of all websites of every business, you might need to visit, should be checked and read out frequently to know that particular site’s privacy policy rules at present.

MyAligners’ Privacy Policy

At MyAligners, we being a pure public and customer-oriented health organization take privacy policy as the top most important part of our agreement with our website users and patients or the people who come over to us on behalf of others. MyAligners being a best and emerging platform for the crooked teeth treatment assures and guarantees to patients and website users that their collected information will solely be used for the quality and marketing purposes until unless advised or asked by Police or Governmental agencies to trace culprits or requested by customers or website users themselves to share with financial or whatever institutions, or to our partners’ companies to improve quality or process services or deliveries of our aligners or its related material for impression catching, or to your assigned orthodontists to process your treatment with all of your history. This information is collected through our automated and innovative set systems and or like cookies, etc. Or when it is necessary we do collect it through form filling as part of the registration process. This all information is stored onto our extra layered and protected systems. Still, MyAligners can’t be held responsible for any unauthorized usage of your information.

MyAligners’ Privacy Policy

Looking at the dentistry treatment or specifically for the crooked teeth treatment as you enter our website our system catches you straight away, it notes the time and date you entered our website, your operating system, browser, very recently visited a site or the site you were sent to us from, your IP address, your location, your GA (Google Analytics) all are gathered on our extra layered and a well-protected site’s store. Other than these, we ask you for registration and your information including name, address, email address, your credit, debit card or PayPal account details, etc. all are received. We promise we will not forward your given or automated received information to anyone. That information may also include your text details, images of crooked teeth, videos of impressions, or anything relates to treatment, all will safely be kept under strict supervision. Please continue to read this page as it will explain below that where or who we might share your information with.
Even though your live chat given information like name and email address are also protected and are never passed over to anyone. MyAligners never allow the children under the age of 14 years to use our site or services, still if unknowingly, our system stores information through them, then you are advised to contact MyAligners straight away at to remove the information received through the children.

Where We Use Your Information

MyAligners being a reliable platform for crooked teeth treatment reassures you that your given or automated received information will never be used by third parties apart from some linked sites to us and also our partners can also use your information in treating you in a better way or creating aligners for you. We also use for marketing purposes to offer you better and relevant deals that may attract you for further treatments. Our servers in various data centers may also be used to store your information, so it may go to them directly as well.

Failure to receive your personal information

MyAligners loves to provide the highest level of services to its patients or website users inform of state of the art manufactured aligners and every single information about invisible aligners’ treatment on our website, though we regret that we cannot continue to provide you our services if we are declined to receive your personal information.

Changes to Privacy Page

MyAligners urges all of our website users and patients that please keep vising regularly this page of the privacy policy, as MyAligners have the right to change or update any rule described to this page.

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MyAligners welcomes any query regarding disagreeing with any of our drawn privacy policy rules at

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